Dating round bottom bottles

Round bottom soda bottles date from the middle of the 19th century to the early 20th century the majority of these bottles actually dug or found in this country were imported from the united kingdom the most common type were ginger ale bottles although were made in both countries, they were much more popular in. Ever wondered what the numbers at the bottom of plastic bottles mean it's everywhere around us, we've seen it a million times but never thought to wonder what it is so be sure that you do not use it past its expiry date. Heavy embossed forbids statements around the bottles neck, all around compared to the flasks from a later date (like the pint from 1971-1974) this flask has an oval kind of shape on the bottom you can see the 55-62 year embosement. Lid says “beautiful hair breck” bottom of glass says 1904, has a b with twoserifs in a circle with a 7 underneath i cant findany breck bottles online made before 1930, and they are all rectangular also, if this is brockaway glass co, your site says this logo was uses afterv1930 is 1904 the date did breck make hair tonics. Dates to the early victorian era bottle has an applied blob top and a seam antique round bottom torpedo bottle blue green glass bottle excellent condition $2499 buy it now free shipping up for sale is an antique 1800s round-bottom green blown glass torpedo bottle it has a variety of creases and dimples.

The following tips and illustrations point out variations in style, markings, lettering, glass texture and handles, and together serve as a guide in determining the approximate vintage of the early clorox bottles. Date your glass soft drink & beer bottles this dating engine will estimate the age of your glass bottle based on its various attributes enter each of the following attributes of your bottle if the specific attribute is no known, you can enter unknown, where allowed you must enter all of the attributes for the. Bottle b has a distinct post-bottom mold base seam which is a mold seam circle centered in the base this type base seam (without a pontil scar) has a high probability of dating between 1860 and 1890 at this point (non-pontiled base, post-bottom mold conformation, tooled finish) we now have a probable date range of.

Baltimore, md the circular bottom displays a raised triangle with two dots on bottle is similar to those shown in illinois glass company catalog dating circa. 16oz bottle the catering pack rather scarce and very attractive 1/2oz bottle problably a free sample very rare how did they use all of it show-card bottle a half bottle stuck on to a cardboard advertising card extremely scarce 2oz green glass bovril embossed 214 on side and h g co on bottom 1 of only 2 known. These bottles have distinctive markings allowing for a precise way to date the bottle therefore one can fairly accurately date a site containing clorox bottles information from 1929 through 1930 the clorox diamond trademark was found on the bottom of the bottle neck area widens to 3-4/16 around. How do you print codes to pill bottles, beer bottles, cans, jars, and other round objects pro pack solutions offers a quick and easy way to print dates, shift codes, lot numbers, and some logos on labels as they are dispensed we have taken the dispensamatic bottle-matic and mounted the mssc smart-jet.

I always save this for a last resort, but look at the bottom of your bottle is there a 2 digit date on the bottom likely there is and it could denote when the bottle was made it does not denote when the whiskey was put in the bottle, as some suggest, but possibly when the bottle was made – or even when the. England 1685–1700 (top), 1695–1710 (bottom) glass (nonlead) the rare octagonal “rs” bottle is a molded form dating from around 1720 through the 1770s. That is all boldly & sharply embossed within a slightly oval to round slug plate there are at least two earlier embossed versions of this bottle dating from the an post-bottom/base mold with several air vents on the front and back shoulder.

Antique black glass sealed and dated wine bottle, english, 1776, bottom detail long neck, string rim, rounded shoulder with seal below curve, deep circular. Or the bottle may have a nice even shape, but was spun in the mold to smooth out the seams a practice common around 1900-1920 bim: side seams run from base and end below the top of lip, which is the result of blowing in mold (bim) can usually tell that lip is crude and was applied by hand 3pm: 3 piece mold bottom. (casual observer watching an onlne auction of an antique bottle) many designs and styles span many years unless noted, these all date from the mid- late 1800's due to torpedo bottle: these round bottom bottles were designed so that they could not stand upright, so the cork would always remain wet, avoiding leaks.

Dating round bottom bottles

Until the early 1960s, the town where the drink was bottled was embossed on the bottom of contour bottles many of us remember playing the distance game when we were younger the person whose bottle carried the name of the most distant city was the winner many collectors are intent on getting every variant of those. Heavy old green glass decanter bottle from france - this is embossed on the bottom saint vivant paris france, though it has n vintage glass bottle from a magnum of champagne, nice old french taittinger label dated 1959 antique vintage glass canning jars w/ 1908 patent dates, round & square blue glass ball jars.

  • All sierra nevada beer is dated when packaged the sediment evident in the bottom of a bottle of sierra nevada pale ale and other naturally conditioned.
  • Since the process of blowing includes rotating the piece of molten glass, you can often (not always) recognize some circular patterns in the glass that result from the rotation tiny bubbles within the glass can also be a sign of a handmade bottle the strength of the bottle wall may vary from top to bottom, visible by small.
  • Discover where and how to locate antique bottles in or around bodies of water dating guide determine the approximate age of a bottle using the lip style, mold style, or bottom style using this handy table with pictures beginner's guide to chinese snuff bottles learn about the specialized world of collecting chinese snuff.

In this guide i will help you accurately date your chanel bottle original 1921 bottle with rounded corners, small square stopper (not faceted), thin walls on the bottom of the bottle, it says size 8 with 1/2 fl oz under that on a white sticker. One of the most recognizable symbols of comfort around the world is the iconic coke bottle we show you how to date coke bottles to determine their value. Orpedo bottles are known by many names, such as hamilton bottles, round bottom bottles, or ballast bottles jacob schweppes from bristol, england, in 1794, was one of the first manufacturers of mineral water he saw that gas seeped from the bottle, resulting in the loss of carbonation as a result, he created the torpedo.

Dating round bottom bottles
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